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Laser/IPL & SHR Machine Training

Our training will cover:

  • Introducing laser tattoo removal treatments into your business.
  • Laser technologies for tattoo removal– equipment features and settings.
  • Light-tissue interactions – the theory of tattoo removal.
  • Wave lengths and laser selection.
  • Treatment plans and tattoo types.
  • Skin anatomy, tattoo depth, inks and pigments – the factors affecting treatment success.
  • Patient consultation – contraindications, skin-typing and patch-testing.
  • Pre and post treatment care for safe and effective tattoo removal.
  • Safe working practice in a laser tattoo removal clinic.
  • Recognising adverse effects, complications and how to deal with them.
  • Practical treatment demonstrations and hands-on experience


Prior to Machine training, its is a conditon of sale that “The Core of Knowledge” is completed.

It is a condition of sale, that machine training by ourselves is carried out within 14 days of delivery of a machine.

Unless you live in Nottingham or London (in which case you will require the services of a LPA), in general you need:


1) Machine training, this is provided by ourselves at our premises in Leeds, on purchase of any machine, and is free of charge. It involves initial setup of the machine,operating parameters, user setup, consent forms and other client forms, and anything else not covered on the course below which we believe is appropriate to our machine.  Even existing users of Lasers & IPL Machines should complete machine training if they intend to use a new machine, as settings and power outputs etc.. can differ from machine to machine.  It is a legal requirement that you undertake this training, and has to be provided by the supplier of the laser, not a third party company, unless authorised by ourselves.  Our Laser & IPL machine training is not a substitute for Clinical training, & we recommend finding suitable clinical training before using our lasers.

On Site training is avaliable for a small fee, plus travel costs.

Video/Phone calling is the preferred option for carrying out machine training.


Core of knowledge online training: