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FAQ Tattoo Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who owns the laser?
  • A: You own the laser in full.


  • Q: Am I part of a franchise?
  • A:No you are buying a laser and training package.


  • Q: Are there any monthly payments?
  • A: No once you have paid for your laser it is yours.


  • Q: Do I need to buy anything else?
  • A: No everything is supplied with the laser but you will have to get insurance to start offering treatments.


  • Q: How much is insurance?
  • A: Insurance is usually around £500 for a years cover.


  • Q: Do I need any other qualifications to offer tattoo removal?
  • A: No you are fully trained to start offering treatments.


  • Q: How much is a new laser head?
  • A: A replacement laser head costs £450


  • Q: How much should I charge per treatment?
  • A: The average size tattoo will take around 15 minuets to treat at a price of £40 per session.


  • Q: Can the laser treat colour?
  • A: Yes the laser can treat colour ink, the ink particles in colour tattoos are larger than black ink so it can take longer