Titan 3

Titan 3 Laser (Helen Porter)


Lease this machine from £13.93 per week.  Subject to Status.


Titan 3 manual – Neutrol (1)



Offer to include

  • Trade in of yag laser handpiece

  • Free Shipping

An absolute bestseller, this is by far the most popular laser sold in the UK, it offers a great deal of power, from the machine combined with a high quality handpiece.


Auto-shutoff design. No water flows out when you unplug the handpiece from the machine.  This also prevents shorting when connected.

With all our sales, we offer a free and permanent personal web page on our site, which you can use to download manuals, training certificates, consent forms, safety signs & Documentation and much more.  These pages are very popular, and customers are automatically notified if something new is uploaded.

Machine training is free of charge on all purchases, more information can be found here:

Features of the Titan

  • 8″ Full colour touchscreen
  • Pure violet diamond Q-switch making a narrower single pulse.
  • Avaliable in 8 languages.
  • Laser pulse energy is strengthened to remove the pigment completely without any scarring.
  • Dual wavelength, 1064 & 532nm.
  • Monolithic YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) LASER.
  • Powerful 6 groups of storage elements, independent for treatment items
  • New cooling water,air cooling system.
  • Ceramic silver-gilt lumen providing a longer service life.
  • The machine has a 12 month or 800,000 shot guarantee, whichever comes first.


  • Type of Laser Q-switch ND:YAG Laser
  • Wavelength Dual wave 1064 and 532nm &
  • Output: Up to 100mj
  • Pulse Width 3.5ns
  • Power 500W
  • 1 x od7 goggles
  • Facular Diameter 1-3
  • supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • mm (adjustable)
  • Pulse Frequency 1 – 9Hz (adjustable)
  • Dimension of machine 440mm x 310mm x 390mm
  • Dimension of Package 545mm×465mm×530mm(L×W×H)
  • Net weight 15kg
  • Gross weight 22kg

LED Training Beam – This function can be accessed by pressing the Red Button on the rear of the machine.  The beam is for training only, and will not last long, as the energy from the Laser itself will destroy the Training beam very quickly, so its recommended you only use this when it is absolutely required.  Ultrapulse don’t offer a re installation service on the LED beam.  While some customers gain 3000-5000 Shots while using the bean, some customers and particularly operators working on higher power settings might gain 200-500 shots.

Full training can be arranged including the core of knowledge with certificate. (price £125) One simple test required, for you to begin operating from your tattoo/beauty studio.

  • Core of Knowledge training includes:
  • – What is a Laser?
  • – What is Intense Pulsed Light?
  • – Creation of Laser and IPL Light
  • – Characteristics of laser and IPL light
  • – Tissue interaction – Eye & Skin Exposure
  • – Laser & IPL Hazards & Safety Precautions
  • – Reflection, Absorbtion and Non-beam Hazards & Precautions
  • – Relevant Standards, Quality Control and Equipment Management
  • – UK Laser and IPL Regulations
  • – Basic Anatomy of the Skin
  • – Treatment Applications such as hair reduction, treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, vascular and pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation, Q-switched laser tattoo removal, laser & IPL treatments of active Acne infection etc
  • – Skin typing & wavelengths /modalities suitable for darker skin types
  • – Suggested protocols for client assessment, patch testing, choosing correct settings, usual treatment methodology plus post treatment recommendations



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