TATTOO REMOVAL LASERS, IPL & ASSOCIATED BEAUTY MACHINES, FOR CLINICS & STUDIO'S - UK Beauty machines only supply to businesses, and Machine training must be booked and completed directly with ourselves within 14 days of receipt of the item. Please email to book training.

IPL & SHR Machine Training (Hazel)




Please speak to us before ordering this item, if you need addistance determing which model of laser you have.

This machine training is for people who have already completed the Core of Knowledge training, and have a Ultrapulse/Ultraplus, ADL or UK Beauty Machine.

The training can be done usually via phone, but it can also be done via skype or video link.

The training covers:

  • Unpacking of the machine
  • filling methods of the machine
  • fault finding
  • Service menu settings
  • Connection of components
  • Recommended frequency/hz settings
  • Recommended power settings
  • Information on different power settings as sessions progress
  • Techniques used to achieve best results
  • limitatons of the lasers


Website Downloads

  • *Consent Forms
  • *Medical History Forms
  • *Skin Typing forms
  • *Machine Manuals
  • *Safety Signs
  • *Safety documentation
  • *Safety Documentation
  • *Users training Certificate

From the bullet menu above, this will be stored on the clients personal & permanent web page on the UK Beauty machines website, where the items can be downloaded or used for reference.